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Spectrum Printers of Tecumseh Michigan, in a mutual agreement with GBS, will be immediately working directly with our clerk clients. Spectrum, a 30-year old company has been providing high quality ballot printing and Smart Test Decks to over 35 counties for the past 12 years. In 2018, two million ballots were produced and delivered, on-time, to all 15 Upper Peninsula counties and 21 Lower Peninsula counties.

To facilitate this effort, Tim Allshouse has joined Spectrum Printers as Election Services Manager. Tim has 40 years of election experience in directly working with clerks across the state. During his career he has developed many relationships and built trust with his customers. Tim is looking forward to providing a high level of support to clerks across the state, including the U.P.

We are also very pleased to announce Norma Townsend has joined the staff of Spectrum. Norma will be our Election Specialist, working with Tim in all aspects of election support. She brings 25 years of experience in the elections industry. Norma has developed close relationships with clerks who know they can rely on her to provide on-going support and assistance to any issues that may arise with their election needs.

The printing capabilities at Spectrum will include ballot printing for all three voting systems currently used in Michigan. We produce ballots with an exceptional staff, utilizing the latest digital printing technology. One very popular ballot feature that we introduced 12 years ago, is two-color ballot printing: black ink with red ovals and Vote For, information. The two-ink color ballot is very popular with voters and is recommended by one voting machine manufacturer.

In addition to ballot printing, we will continue to produce the extremely popular VOTETEST-Smart Test Decks and charts. We have enhanced the Smart Test Decks to include Straight Party Voting for the November election. We can offer this service to ALL local jurisdictions, even if we are not your main ballot printer. Smart Test Decks are available for all three voting systems.

Spectrum appreciates the cooperation with GBS in this transition. Spectrum is committed to ensure our customers continue to be provided with quality ballot printing, VOTETEST-Smart Test Decks, AV envelopes, precinct kits, and the many other forms and supplies you need.

For more information, please contact:

Tim Allshouse, Election Services Manager
   Office: 517-263-8140 Cell: 517-403-0088,
   Email: tima@mail.spectrumprinters.com

Norma Townsend, Election Specialist
   Cell: 269-816-0149
   Email: normat@mail.spectrumprinters.com

Andy van Staveren, President
   O: 800-225-7947    C: 517-403-4022
   Email: andy@mail.spectrumprinters.com

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